Celebrations & Events

One-time Use, One-time Cost

Teams & Companies

Monthly Subscription
With a one-time cost that is less expensive than most event keepsakes, BrightCrowd books are a powerful, cost-effective complement to events and milestone celebrations
Basic Books


Ideal for family reunions, tributes, weddings and other special events
up to 50 writers and readers
Single book editor
3 custom questions
Up to 10 photos and 1 video per page
Member photo gallery included
Custom cover image and colors
Premium Books


Ideal for alumni reunions, graduations, corporate retreats, board meetings, orientations, conferences
up to 50 writers and unlimited readers
Multiple book editors
Unlimited custom questions/fields
Custom cover image and colors
Unlimited photo galleries with slideshows
Photo tagging and page mentions
Unlimited content pages
Custom subdomain
Engagement metrics dashboard
Full data export
Bulk emailing
Enterprise Books

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Ideal for larger companies, universities and organizations with books for multiple events, affinity groups, leadership boards, and cohorts
Everything from Premium Plus:
Unlimited books
API Access and Integrations
Advanced access controls including SSO and domain level access
Advanced user and multi-group management
Dedicated account manager
Comprehensive library of all books across the enterprise
Printable book files included

Discounts for Charitable Organizations

People are the backbone of nonprofit organizations so BrightCrowd is excited to support these organizations and help bring their people together.

Team & organization books foster more deeply connected companies, alumni networks, sports teams, religious congregations, college classes, affinity groups, towns and professional associations.

Celebration & Event Books

...are the perfect complement to alumni reunions, graduations, new hire cohorts, corporate retreats, student orientations and conferences.

BrightCrowd books can pay for themselves

Organizations can generate additional revenue by recognizing their individual or corporate sponsors within their books.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between books for Celebrations & Events vs books for Teams & Organizations?

Celebration & Event books are intended to create a snapshot of your group at a point in time. These are perfect for capturing memories and photos for a graduating class, an alumni reunion, or as an annual “yearbook” for colleagues. These books are also ideal for helping to create a sense of belonging among an incoming class of students, group of interns or new hires. These books have a one time cost and can be edited for a limited time, but remain permanently accessible and readable. Team & Organizations books are most similar to traditional directories for groups and organizations that have new members joining on a regular basis. These books work well for promoting stronger connections among employee resource groups, affinity networks, teams, or whole companies or organizations. These books are provided on a subscription basis. Clients pay for only active books and closed books remain accessible and readable for the duration of the client relationship.

How are participants counted?

Participants only include the people who you invite to create a page in your BrightCrowd book (we call them “Writers”). You can also invite individuals or your entire organization to have view-only access to your book (these are “Readers”).

Do you charge a setup fee?

BrightCrowd books are so simple to set up that there is no need for setup fees when purchasing individual books. Getting a book launched takes less than 10 minutes. For larger enterprise customers that wish to have deeper integrations and access controls, an enterprise setup fee may apply.

Do you offer discounts for larger orders of one-time books?

Yes - we offer bulk discounts when ordering multiple books. Please contact us to learn more.

Is there an “unlimited” book option?

Yes, we offer annual subscription plans that allow you to have as many active books as you like.

Is there an additional cost for printing the books?

Yes, we work with a group of designers and printers that will professionally layout your book into a printable PDF and print copies of the book if you would like. There is an additional cost for the graphic design and printing and that is based on the size of the book. This can be arranged after your digital book is completed and we will be happy to provide pricing estimates on request.

Does BrightCrowd offer a discount to Nonprofits?

Yes, we do offer discounts to 501c3 organizations as well as religious organizations. Please contact us to learn more.

Can we create a one-time book and then decide we want to add it to a book plan?

Yes, we often have organizations that start a book for a particular milestone or event and the book proves so popular that the participants want to keep it open as an ongoing directory.

What are my payment options?

For one time books and annual subscriptions, you can pay by credit card, check, ACH or wire transfer. For monthly subscriptions we require a credit card that will be billed at the start of each month. We use Stripe to process credit card and ACH payments.